Fao non English people


are you aware that your accents are awesome or is it just like normal and average sounding to you?


I feel massively excluded by this discriminatory thread.

I would flag it if I could find the St George’s cross flag.


if you’re a northerner then I apologise, your accent is probably quite fun too.


I don’t think I really have an accent. Vaguely North East flattened out by Glasgow.


Keith’s accent is wonderful.


but glasgowlian is a strong accent, maybe you’ve just become accustomed to it.


You’ve a wonderful accent too Bam.


My accent’s probably about 25% good


mine is the very definition of a non-accent.


I don’t know where you’re from but I imagine you’re like a scouser or something


South Wales so probably the next place up in terms of sketchiness


oh that’s beautiful! Bet you’re dead charming then


Er… maybe the exception that proves the rule…


I love a good Welsh accent.


He well is :kissing_heart:




this thread is just making me sad that I’ll never hear your beautiful voices.

what a drag.


yeah I just have an Irish midlands drawl, like the boring priest from father ted, you don’t want to hear that


Mine really isn’t. I’m from North East Wales. Sound like Michael Owen ffs.


those stupid poems they do before Wales rugby matches has sort of tainted the Welsh accent for me.

Rob Brydon tho, I guess.