@GEOFF have you ever introduced yourself as ‘Geoff’ in real life as a result of this board? Do you like the name Geoff even?


No I haven’t.

But yes, yes I do.


Thank you.

Mods, you may now close this thread.


There’s a gardener in my house (well, my garden) today called Geoff, fact fans. Let him in this morning & asked if he wanted a cuppa. He did not.


Did you ask him of his views on the Labour leadership?


There was no time - was was VERY keen to start trimming back my bushes


You have a private gardener?

Well, la-di-da.


The landlord came over the other day and said “the garden is a mess, but you’re probably too busy to do anything about it. I’ll get a gardener.” Which is conclusively proof that doing things is over rated and doesn’t get results


Implicitly the landlord is going to bill you for the gardener.