FAO of Glasgow/Newcastle/Leeds Dissers this coming weekend



Let’s hang out:


I might make 29th but I’m at Blanck Mass this Friday.


29th should be hilarious tbh, BYOB all-dayer in a hairdressers? Err, alright then


And that’s the long weekend, isn’t it?


yes! May day/drummer’s birthday on the Monday so probably gonna be a bit wild tbh


Same as Keith, not good for me this weekend but will try come down, to next Saturday one.


Yas bants:





wait is that what that is? I googled the venue and thought it was a mistake :smiley:

I’m busy tomorrow, but I might come over for that, sounds like a laugh


the hairdresser one? no fucking clue. they just messaged us saying “hey we’re putting on an all-dayer on the last Saturday of the month in a trendy hairdresser, it’s B.Y.O.B and you’ll get paid” and we were like “cool, fuck it, why not?”