FAO of @hipyounggunslinger and everyone else. I just saw a job ad with unlimited holiday



and it made me wonder how you’ve found it.



I liked it, it was really nice not having to worry about taking Friday afternoons for long weekends and stuff. Can’t fault it, tbh. BUT, this is with the proviso that I was basically entirely setting my own schedule, my boss had been fired, and no one was paying any attention to what I did, so there was no pressure on me to do anything. So it was good, but if you had a shit boss and a tonne of work, I imagine your experience would differ.


I like the idea and I appreciate the flexibility - did they make you take a minimum amount of time off per year to ensure that you weren’t overworked?


I think my contract mentioned 25 days or something, but it wasn’t really regulated. As I said, I was totally on my own and pretty much took the piss. My boss, before she was fired, claimed she’d only taken about 3 days in the past 2 years, and some people seemed to be on a similar schedule. The joy of tech start-ups.