FAO of @meowington


What’s going on here then?



Unfortunately I think she’s going off the rails a bit :pensive:

She shaved her head and now regrets it. I’m not sure what Doug’s up to or who this chick is. She likes them old though, ay?


<old man from The Simpsons walks in, puts his hat on hatstand, looks around, takes hat back off hatstand and walks back out>


what does this mean, what is this about?


I’m sure it would be best if she wasn’t living out life in front of the paparazzi for the time being, but I guess that’s what her life is :frowning:


Yeah she doesn’t actually have a job so there’s that too. I hope she’s gonna be alright though. She is only 22 now and was pushed into fame by her pushy mother who gave the green light for her to marry a 50 year old when she was 16. I feel quite sorry for her :frowning:


Christ, that’s still so young.

For all the weirdness, it did actually seem like her and Doug were into each other? So if that’s gone, that’s sad.


who this