FAO of plasticniki

target market:


Always got a banana in my jersey pocket. Always.

As due to my lycra phobia I don’t wear cycling jerseys with their convenient pockets, this looks FANTASTIC to me!!!

I will be buying one at lunch. Or maybe two!

So much a banana hammock.

you are seriously missing out warny. I wish all my clothes had those three big pockets.

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The really nice cycling jacket I have only has TWO!!! OUTRAGED!!!

my cheapo decathers top only has two. fucks up my system for assigning pockets.

what’s your normal system? mine is:

left: snacks + pump
middle: jacket / gilet (pump moves here in summer)
right: phone, cards, key etc

Think we’ve reached peak bike wanker with this post.


Always but a big banana down my Lycra shorts

Don’t cycle though

centre: rain jacket + pump
left: food + phone if I take it (almost never do)
right: keys + cleat covers

which doesn’t really make sense as I’m right handed so you would think it would be better to put the things I need whilst on the bike in the right pocket but there you go. @Epimer

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Left - keys and choccy bar/gels if I’m riding with one
Middle - pump and 'nanas (if I’m riding with some. Generally don’t bother though)
Right - phone
Rapha’s mini zip pocket (on the right side as well) - card/cash



I’m not really sure what I was expecting coming in here, tbh.