FAO penoid and all other reasonable people




I have never had one of these and I think I am missing out aren’t I.


massively, they’re up there with the McDonalds double cheeseburger as ‘best thing that can be purchased on the UK high street for £1.50’


I have a lot of time for Greggs’ baked goods.


oof that’s some strong wording there!

I will go in search of one tomorrow :smiley:




I don’t think anything quite hits the spot like a first festive bake of the year. Just pure inhaled the bastard


Bet they have milk in them.


it’s also pret xmas sandwich day.

I had their new vegan christmas baguette. Its ace.


sainos have christmas sandwiches in now. the sainsbos near me does anyway.


I’m trying to diet D:


Anyone fancy going on a quick reccy to Spenos to check on their Christmas sandwich status


you need to get the temperature right to reach optimum enjoyment

fresh out the oven = scalding, bad
last ones of the day = cold, shite


sort of want to go all the way into town just to try one now


you’re right, but there’s quite a big window, and you can always leave a too hot one to cool. A dud cold one is a great disappointment though


Could murder a veggie pasty rn


do they have any festive sausage rolls?