FAO @rich-t


@rich-t are there any plans to restock the ancho chilli relish?


Couldn’t you have done this in a private message?


Just because you aren’t interested doesn’t mean others aren’t.


couldn’t all that cycling stuff not be done via private message?


The worrying thing is I think a lot of it is :grin:





I never said that!!!

It sounds nice though.


No there aren’t




@rich-t How long will the flat white porter be down as reduced to clear. Has been months! thought they had only a few left


No beer offers today at mine other than Goose Island reduced to clear £2 → £1.80. You need to go cheaper than that!


@rich-t - where do you work?




Bought one of these the other day, mate. Was really excited but it was muck. Can you please relay my feedback to the Pizza Manager?



AFAIK, there’s still stock of this floating around in quite a few shops. This’ll be reduced because it’ll be out of date soon and we can yellow label reduce booze.

Don’t think there are any plans to continue this line.


About five years ago there was a pea and wasabi dip, and it just disappeared one day. I’ve never quite recovered.



my mum bought me some terrible school trousers from your lot once. I got teased cos they looked more like trousers from a tuxedo than school trousers

Please could feed this back to whoever is in charge ot trousers to avoid any further distress to children


I’m a foodie not a clothing bod, so no dice


typical management


@rich-t do you think you’re fast enough at crawling to outpace someone who is walking at a moderate walking pace?