FAO: Ruffers

Mate, blanking on something here, can you give me a hand, please?

What would you call an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image?


I wish I could work out what this blatant fishing is all about.

Alright, Mike Hookem.

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That’s a wraith, Ant.

I can’t claim to have a clue what this is about either, sorry.

Just a reference to your “wish”, T-Dog.

No good reason for my post, as per usual.

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That’s a ghost, Theo.

I don’t understand why Ant wanted you to say the g-word, though.

Is this some next level “Booker P” shit?

Booker P ardon me?

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They did that cricket song

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Oh I’m sorry I don’t remember that thread from SEVEN FUCKING YEARS AGO Theo, I’ve only been posting for three after all.


Well now you understand the concept of trying to get someone to say the letter after S but before U so that one can hilariously reply with “Milk, two sugars please” you can see why I’m trying to get what the ‘sting’ is with making you write that word.

You’re looking at this all wrong, compadre.

??? :question: