FAQOS one of special - Answers...delayed

  • Do it tonight, at 6 p.m., you belm
  • Do it tomorrow, at 1.30 p.m., you belm
  • Do it next week
  • never run or participate in a quiz again, you belm

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Should’ve made it multiple votes allowed…


Be better during office hours if possible…


Saturday tomorrow maaaaate.

Edit: didn’t see the next week option


Take your time, do it sometime next week!


If you want to send the answers over to me I can take a quick look. I promise not to cheat.


Okay decision made, the quiz will now take place on Tuesday the 11th of December. I’ve spent today with several Word documents open trying to do this manually…I suspect previous quiz runners have a more sophisticated system in place as it isn’t workable :joy:

Thanks @colon_closed_bracket, but I’d rather finish it myself, given I’ve put hours into my convoluted method.


^notoriously untrustworthy


Awesome! Quiz, quiz, quiz, (next tuesday)


Not gonna lie, I’d be sorely tempted. But I might as well banish myself from the boards in shame if I did so


Well for starters you made me think you were a foot smaller than you actually are and I’ll never get over that deception


I have all the answer scores already, it’s just the rankings that I’m missing…so I’d know :wink:


If you need any advice on collating the answers, DM me your e mail and I can send you how myself and @laelfy did it last time. Its not an easy job and its terribly time consuming so you have my deepest sympathies.



I’m presuming there’s a spreadsheet element to the process? If so, I’d be using Notepad for any cut & paste shenanigans.


I may do that, I underestimated how time consuming it would be



Fuck the rankings. Someone can do that on the fly. If you have the answers and scores let’s roll.


Once you get the hang of it, its a lot more straight forward. But it still takes the best part of an evening.


The bobble just came off my bobble hat!



Yes! As long as we know the final rankings or maybe the scores at the halfway stage it’s all good