FAQOS one of special - Answers...delayed


Love it 29, love it.


It what is a potential teaser for the actual quiz…it was interesting to see a few very active users named as “M.I.A” for question 14…


pity answers couldn’t have been today as i’ve been off sick and it would have kept me entertained (and i can’t DiS too much at work), but never mind. thanks for organising it @wonton!


Who’s Pulling a Sickie on Tuesday then?

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don’t think i could get away with being off sick today and yesterday, in on monday, at the work night out on monday evening, then off sick again on tuesday


Wow that sounds mad. Must’ve taken a million years. Surely it can be pretty much automated in Excel?


Mysterious 24-hour gastro bug contracted on the night out, “it’s coming from both ends, sorry, let me tell you more deta…” “shut up froglet and just stay home for god’s sake”.
Job done.


we’re only “allowed” to be off sick 3 times in a year so if i were to be off sick on tuesday and not monday i’d need to make a convincing argument that it was the same illness that kept me off this week!

“err yeah, i recovered from my cold, but then it got much worse… but only on tuesday…”


Aw that sucks and makes very little sense.


Good luck @wonton


Heh. Vote delayed. Brexit must wait for AQoS.


Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, I have to postpone the quiz again, this time indefinitely. I woke up today to a laptop which won’t power on, and have been quoted a price which I cannot currently afford (it would also not be ready in time). I apologise unreservedly for this, I know many of you were excited, I can only say that I am probably just as gutted, even totting up scores was entertaining. One day I should be able to do it, but I cannot commit to when (everyone will gave forgotten their answers by then!).

Just as an aside; I know this will be frustrating for some of you, especially given last week. I just ask if you could be patient regarding when its eventually held; this malfunction also has big repercussions for my academic work and, as regular readers of the MH thread may know, this is a big source of stress for me. I also don’t think I’ll be spending much time online either, so apologies if you don’t receive responses.



Sorry to hear that Wonton. Rest assured your work/MH is way more important that AQOS. Stay strong and good luck getting it all sorted.


Don’t worry about the quiz, mate! Really sorry this has happened to you, hope beyond hope you get it sorted soon.


It’s only a little quiz. Focus on what’s important for you

All the best mate




I can host on Friday if the answers are passed on to me?


Mate, above all else, take care of yourself x


I can do this, I still have all the messages. I could get them over to you tonight hopefully, I’m borrowing a laptop, what format would you prefer?


Actually now that I think about it I don’t think my old laptop has excel on it (I always did AQOS on my work laptop)