Far out dude, it's Friday

I found when I started taking mine i had really bad headaches for a little while but it did ease off. Hope those symptoms settle for you soon. Take care :slight_smile:

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No snow day here in Staffordshire, it’s cold though but dry. Mr s_w is WFH today too, so think we’re going to take big dog for a walk at lunch, might get a hot choc from Greggs en route. :slight_smile:

Oh it’s snowing

haven’t done any work yet today. have drank two pots of coffee though.

supposed to be finishing work early today so i can spend my evening on oxford st looking for presents for a 5 y/o and a 10 y/o which is not going to be much fun and i have no clue what to get. need to look through that megathread on here.

apparently some work is coming in for me soon, might take a well-timed lunch break to postpone it further. :smiling_imp:

Interpol first draft lyrics etc etc

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There’s some dead good stuff in here

For both age groups can I suggest City of Zombies. It’s so good. Not sure how easy it’ll be to find on the high street mind you.

Exploding Kittens and Outfoxed are my runners up and should be easy to get, but they might have them as they’re quite popular.


My word it’s cold and windy (and frosty) out there. Had a very :grimacing: moment on an icy canal bridge.

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If it helps, i bought some new pants for my five year old and they had stars on - when i gave them him this morning he possibly was more excited about them than any actual christmas presents he received. So my advice is, think small!


:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: :man_facepalming:


Met my mate for a drink tonight.

At one stage we tried to take the subway at Kensington Station in Melbourne and the extreme rain earlier resulted in this:

Yes a full scuba situation.

Now waiting on the train home. Missed the one I was planning on because an old lady asked me to wait with her until her son arrived to collect her…then just after my train left she said she was okay an wandered off :weary:


Had the maccies vegan burger.

Solid 6/10

Banter Nan!!


Well done, thread’s a raging success! :clap: :clap:

It’s gray and snowy outside. Weather app says it’s -9 but “feels like -16”. Either way I’m staying indoors, would have maybe gone for a ride if the sun was out but nah.

Anyway, I’m quite excited for the weekend! My very favourite 8-year-old (at least for a few more months until my favourite 7-year-old also turns 8 and they have to share the title for a while) is coming for a sleepover at the farm, it’s her first visit here! We’re probably going to be outdoors a lot while the daylight lasts, with the animals and doing some exploring in the woods, and snuggle up by the fireplace in the evening. Can’t wait :heart:

Going into town to meet them and pick up my brand new TV! (An actual television set, you relentless nerds.) Never actually bought one for myself before so it’s quite exciting. Only been watching stuff on my laptop since I moved here.


She’s had your adenoids out!

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Think my ancient MacBook has finally given up the ghost RIP chunky boi

can I wear a t-shirt with santa claus on it or do i have to put that away until next year

Put it on. Nearly christmas innit.


I’ve got Santa’s on my feet.

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Got a major work irk: too much work to allow me to the required amount of time on social media. Outrageous

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