Farage OUT


Diane James (who?) IN

What do we reckon the toad-faced cunt will be up to next, then?


I’m A Celeb


Tory Peerage


Next host of Bake Off.


jail for noncing


Trump card


immigrants in yes!


I thought he’d announced this ages ago, presumably now he’ll spend the rest of his time collecting wages from the EU and not showing up.


New Arsenal manager confirmed!


Out of the fucking planet let’s hope.

My guess is he wants to join the Tories. Whether they want that is a different matter.


I think there should be a thread dedicated to posting really stupid looking pictures of Nigel Farage (an idea I had for the old forum that never came to be).



Open a pub called The Swan and UKIP



the man’s clearly a toad but this is perhaps a little dark?


Yeah, I don’t enjoy that picture at all. Bit harrowing.


I like it, then feel bad about it, but still do.



Yeah, I don’t wish any harm to come to the guy. I just wish he’d fuck off away from anywhere that I have to see him.


If he’d died and become that silly bloke off of HIGNFY who was alright really and never did any harm. Then yeah maybe.

As it is I feel no remorse.