Farewell, net neutrality


We barely knew ye.


Is this likely to effect us euro boys?

obvs is very sad and shit for our American pals, not trying to be dismissive.


I fear this ruling might have an instant and devastating impact on my life.


Well this isn’t going to be good thing


we ain’t gonna be euro boys for too much longer son. fortunately we’ll be spearheaded by a govt that won’t sell us ouHAH


they couldn’t organise a shit in a toilet.


yeah but they sell anything they can


I suppose Roscoe and Marlon will have to be a YouTube original series or something


Labour 2018


Bye guys, it’s been fun knowing you, but Drowned in Sound isn’t included in my benefits.


At least the whole world had a say in this though


Bit of a twat take i know, but if the internet was to become a lot more expensive it would be a positive thing for me personally. I know price increases might not be the main crux of this debate, but it will almost certainly be a concequence of it.

Obviously few people will want to pay more for something, but trying to look at it objectively, the internet should cost…£100 a month, or more. It’s fucking brilliant that it doesn’t…and i think i understand the reasons why it doesn’t, but my point is we take this fucking amazing resource for granted sometimes.

At the same time, it makes me miserable, overweight, less adequate socially and sexually frustrated.


I can see how a kind of “rolling back” of the internet could be a good thing (and also, of course, a bad thing) but - to sound uninformed and dumb - I think the increasing corporatisation of something that, though it was already heading that way, was still a great thing for independents and individuals is the most bothersome thing for me. Seems to be just even more power for people who really shouldn’t be allowed to have more power, if we’re thinking responsibly.


eh? who should you pay that to? BT?


Whoever provides your internet.


you think your poor internet provider is underpaid?



I think the internet is underpriced.


Problem with that idea is not recognising that this is a classic ‘bait & switch’ - 20 odd years of the internet replacing vast areas of daily life and having consequences in the real world (library shutdowns, digital infrastructure replacing analogue, changing the very nature of how people meet, shop, fuck & organize everything) and now we’re all completely hooked & dependent the dealer whacks a 10 000% mark up on the product

It’s fucked


RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this


America is really going to shit, isn’t it?