Fargo (TV series)

felt a little bit more engaged by episode 4. the first 2 episodes i struggled to pay attention to but 3 and 4 have gradually reeled me in slightly more. i’m watching it on Sunday nights as it airs though, cba ploughing ahead for now

Notice that Channel 4 seem to have now permanently bumped it back an hour to 11:00 on Sundays, which implies that they’ve lost interest in it.

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I sometimes wonder why they put them all on at once if they want people to watch it one a week

Midnight for the next episode! Got to show even more Celebrity Gogglebox and First Dates instead clearly…

just finished it. enjoyed olyphant doing his thing but the rest of it was just a bunch of well made nothing. like, all the constituent parts were really good but they were just assembled in the least interesting way, definitely think you could make a more interesting show out of them with the smutney daughter at the centre


I think it’s probably just a sort of damage control in these instances where they get shows late from the US rather than running them as soon as they can. I guess there might even be a charter thing that prohibits them from making stuff online only due to it meaning a section of the population couldn’t necessarily ever see it, so they just put it up there as a contractual obligation as much as anything else.

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Finished this last night, just a bit nothing in the end wasn’t it. Really suffers from the lack of a focal point in the Molly/Lou/Gloria mould, there are just too many characters and it’s really hard to care that much about any of them given how little screen time they all get. Thought Ben Whishaw, Chris Rock and Anji White were all very good.


went to bed early (early night hoho!) two sundays in a row and i guess that’s that, i’ll never see how it turned out