Fargo (TV series)

I’ll give you a resolution in a minute, mate


I absolutely loved both series. Any Coen references are more than welcome. Season 2 looked amazing, and the soundtrack was awesome. Some great acting too.

Very excited for this.

One of my favourite musical discoveries from this show.

Gave up on S1 because Freeman annoyed me.

Really liked S2.

Will give this a bash.

Between Fargo and Legion, Noah Hawley is my #1 favourite person working in TV right now. Really looking forward to this despite Ewan McAccent.


Season 1 was brilliant from start to finish. Season 2 started a bit dull I thought but got proper amazing towards the end.

looking forward to this, and it starts on my birthday! (not sure if that date applies to Channel 4 as well though)

He does good books too if you wanna read em

should I watch the second season if I couldn’t make it through the first?


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Yeah, a heartwarming story from season 2!

Trailer seems okay…but then I watched those for seasons one and two after and they had more to them.

Wonder who’ll get the Billy Bob Thornton/Bokeem Woodbine role?