Fargo (TV series)


Just watched the first episode of the new series.

It’s very good. McGregor is excellent as is Winstead. And Carrie Coon obviously can’t put a foot wrong, how could she?

I liked it all very much.

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Personally I found it a little slow and ‘standard Fargo’ in that the set up is cute and everything but felt it lacked something that S1 and 2 had. Maybe it’s the fact it doesn’t clearly tie in yet with the other seasons, but put it down for a solid 6/10 for now, and I’m sure it’ll improve quite quickly/

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So ready for this.

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:heart: Patrick Wilson

Re-watching season 2 at the mo. So good.


So dreamy.

It’s staggering how strong both season 1 and 2 are. Really, really hope 3 in the same league. Oh yah.


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Top notch. Excellent performances from basically everyone involved. Big fan of Scoot McNairy’s character but I guess that’s a moot point now, and Carrie Coon & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were both great. I’ll watch anything Noah Hawley’s involved in at this point regardless of how strong the plot is—I’d be happy with a lacklustre story with visuals and music as good as this. That said, if the writing’s as strong as on seasons 1 & 2 we’re on for another winner :muscle:

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Episode 2 also broadly excellent. Enjoying V. M. Varga a lot. It’s just tremendously watchable, even if this season seems as though it’s leaning more heavily on goofiness than it would in an ideal world.

Bit on the nose for Varga to say he loves Minnesota because it’s so perfectly bland, too.

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They seen to only announce things very near to the air date nowadays so hopefully it won’t be long.

Saw a brief ad today for season 3 on Channel 4. It only said ‘coming soon’ but at least it seems close now.

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First three have been proper brilliant, most recent one in particular was superb. Love how overt they’re making some of the Coen references now, that last episode could all have been taking place in the same location as Barton Fink innit.

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apparently the diner was in Big Lebowski?

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Yeah was wondering if that was the case. A lot of the neon signage was really reminiscent of it as well.

The resonance of the bell was obviously Barton Fink referencing as was that shot of her on the beach (as well as a bunch of other stuff)