Fargo (TV series)


Mhmm rewatched s3, was much better the second way through. VM Varga is a fantastic villain imo really nothing like any other character before him - his way with words is just insane. Like the scene in the last episode where he Convinces Emitt that the gun has a fingerprint sensor. Still probably my least favourite of the 3 though.


Finally got round to S3, loved it. Proooobably the weakest of the three seasons but it was still brilliant, can’t wait for S4.

Adored Thewlis chewing the scenery, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was fantastic and I will always love Ray Wise. I’ll never change my opinion that Ewan McGregor is a bad actor though.


He is pretty out of place in S3. The accent just doesn’t ever sit quite right for me and


Agreed. But actually enjoyed him in this.


I don’t think he’s bad. He is emotionally convincing which is what’s important, but he isn’t one of those actors who becomes their role, which can be frustrating.

But I prefer him to Tom Hanks, who’s excellent at sinking into a role but has a really limited emotional pallette to work with.