The thread for general fart chat.
How far do you go into a relationship before farting in front of (or indeed behind) your thinly-tv?
Farts: funny or not?
Only blokes find farts funny; right?
Farting anecdotes welcome.
Chat allowed.


15 minutes




So it goes:
fancy a drink? - first snog - first fart


Yes, but not necessarily in that order.


Farts are always extremely funny.

Think I did my first blow off in front of the TV about a month in maybe?

In our house we call it “parding” which is Gujurati for farting. Her family find it hilarious that I know and use this (I do not pard in front of them though)


How far do you go into a relationship before farting in front of (or indeed behind) your thinly-tv?: Never, for me Clive. Proper gross and almost sociopathic really.

Farts: funny or not?: nope. might as well pull down your pants and take a shit in front of others. Its more or less the same thing.

Only blokes find farts funny; right: don’t think they’re funny I’m afraid.


profk is exempt from the rest of this conversation.


do you excuse yourself from the room and find a quiet corner to let one go?


yeah, mostly excuse myself to the toilet.



you sound a bit damaged. I feel for you.


what a world eh. literally have to walk around the place showering people with shit aerosol to be considered normal these days.


I’m guessing you’ve had some sort of bad follow through situation that has scarred you. You can share with us, you’re amongst friends. It might help.







nah not having any of this, lads.

its bloody gross - cut it out ALL OF YOU


Took ages before me and my wife were comfortable farting in front of each other. All that time pretending our stomachs were rumbling…

The funniness of a fart depends on the situation, sound and the delivery. Arguably something becomes much funnier if it’s already so funny that you fart uncontrollably while laughing at it. Like some kind of chuckle power up.


The gf accused me of “farting triumphantly” when I was winning a Netrunner the other night.

It was a fair cop, tbf.


This is one of the funniest bits in life


Nothing funnier than a fart. I stand by that.

Nothing worse than being in bed with someone (trying to sleep, not rumpy pumpy) and really needing to fart, because you know you’ll do it in your sleep. Waking yourself up with a fart and panicking to see if you’ve woken up the other person is one of life’s great fears.

How do you deal with that, @profk?