Fascinating Pay Related Thoughts Thread

I got paid today, the longest gap of my working life (other than unemployment) and it got me to thinking what time do we get paid. Does it drop in at midnight? One minute past. 3? It’s always there when I get up but that’s all I know.


Old job used to get paid middle of the month, the new one, end of and not had anything yet, despite getting a payslip :thinking:

Been fucking rinsing through cash this month, need to tighten the old purse strings.

I checked at about 2am and it was in. Sometimes it’s been in by 11pm the night before, which really messes up my budget!

Not a fucking clue.

On the last pay day before Christmas it didn’t come through as expected, our pay roll person emailed us slightly frantic, said it was a fault at the bank’s end, and it ended up coming through as an individual bank transfer, so I imagine some poor intern over at JP Morgan was individually typing in everyone’s details to get it over to us.

Great story.

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thinly veiled ‘gets paid’ thread


Mine drops in at some point after 11.45pm. if I accidentally dip into my unarranged overdraft, they ask for it to be cleared by 11.45pm otherwise they’ll add a charge. So yeah. Reckon around midnight maybe.

Last proper pay was end of dec, wont be getting another until March. This is obviously absolutely FINE and I’m not WORRIED about this in the SLIGHTEST. Especially as my tax bill was higher than I thought. PERFECT.

If I give you my bank login details can you stay up all night on the last Thursday night/Friday morning of the month constantly refreshing please.


Is that right? I thought that you could be overdrawn from about 6pm onwards without it counting until the next day - so if it’s pay day, you can essentially start spending it from that evening onwards?

^Thinly veiled, has probably not been overdrawn since 24 hour banking was a thing…

when I was really really poor for a few months and Ended up going without food for a day or so before payday (entirely my own fault really). Remember literally constantly checking the atm from 7am onwards to wait for the money to drop so I could get some breakfast in.

It wasn’t at a set time, used to come in between 7 and 8, changed every time.

why so? Early Christmas pay I guess.

Yes but this place pays the last Friday of the month (stupid system) and with it falling on the 31st and combined with ECP it is just over 6 weeks.

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4 weeks to the next one now though.

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Whenever my clients decide to actually pay me. Even the with institutional ones, it’s a guessing game within a 24-hour wndow.

Used to get paid on the last Thursday of every month - was shit. Now paid on 26th (or Friday before if on a weekend/bank holiday etc) which is lovely.

NO idea but I remember my first job at Iceland for which I got paid £32 a week I used to hang around the cash machine at 12am on Friday night to withdraw and spend the lot there and then, usually on drugs.


Yes, everywhere I have worked before was the same (apart from it was the 25th) which is the right way to pay people.

I have spoken to the big cheeses and they said if they changed it would just confuse everyone. Yeah, sure.

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