Fascinatingly dull videos

Also helps if they’re shit, like this ‘life hack’ one from DaveHax

‘What’s that?’

‘Oh, it’s an old sock filled with cat litter’


That was beautiful


Roll of duct tape. Genius.

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Just put your duct tape cup holder on the passenger seat because of course, you are driving alone


might actually do the elastic band phone holder one. this video was lovely, i think ill watch it tonight when i cant sleep


could honestly watch hours of this

this guy’s voice is hypnotic.

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This one has done me. :smiley:


sure it probably came from someone else on here but this Finnish dude with a terrible haircu talking about all his different VCRs in a dingy room is amazing and heartwarming

Can you get through all 10 minutes?

Only if you’re very dull, I would imagine.

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Actually I think the granddaddy of these is surely Red Letter Media’s 70 minute review/takedown of The Phantom Menace

Fascinating analysis and discussion of cinema? Yes.
Dull as ditchwater? OH GOD YES.

I think 5 minutes is as much as I could ever last.

So maybe fascinating is a bit of a stretch, but how the hell does this get so many views?

If you really wish there were more videos as dull as this one, then you’re in luck- this is just one of a series as the guy really loves to put his hot balls on all sorts of things…

I actually have a bag of cat litter* in my car to lessen the condensation issues during the winter.

*Not actually a bag of cat litter, but serves that purpose.


Love a bit of Red Hot Nickel Ball on Youtube. Hyrdaulic presses crushing things are good, too…

Well if that’s the case, why not double your pleasure?..


Holy hell, what a waste of good Nutella, eh @anon75298087 ? :cry:

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