Anyone got a fashy? Considering getting rid of it? Considering copying it?



god, I thought we saw the back of ‘metrosexual’ years ago


Arghhhhhhh Fuck off with making non-things into things world


Not got.


Imagine spending time actually writing that article


Quite a useful piece really, helps me avoid neo-nazis AND artists like Macklemore.




It’s just a generic male haircut with no signifiers isn’t it? It’s like saying “do these black jeans make me look like a Nazi?”


Its called a ‘Regular’ Haircut


Reichular Haircut


Its almost like the dank haired writer of the ‘article’ have taken offence how boring it is




Subthread. What do you ask for when you go to have your hair cut?

For me:

“Grade three back and sides and a bit off the top, please”


Nah, it’s not a standard cut is it? It’s more than a short back and sides.


Heir Off


*Herr (fucked that up)


But not much more. It’s the sort of haircut that you’ll see on everyone from 8 year old boys to lower league footballers to reasonably-dressed 30-something new dads. It’s not as much of a statement as, say, having a mohican or something.


“Like this ~points at head~ just less of it please”