Fashion poll-ice


let the hivemind answer your burning #fashion questions


brown boots with blue jeans

  • fine
  • cool
  • bit top gear

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what colour jeans?


standard denim blue


Black suit, brown shoes.

  • Woooooof.
  • I’m a Tory.

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polo shirts

  • cool
  • awful
  • fine

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Sharp dressed men @rich-t @japes


I’m not sure what Woooooof means - could you translate for people who don’t speak Teen Wolf?


Gillet, dungarees and CAT boots.

  • Ahahahahahahaha.
  • I live south of Birmingham.

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nice coat / jacket with a backpack / rucksack

  • what’s the problem here
  • noooo

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It means ‘PHHHHHWOAR. Someone put him out. Young Dr Karl Kennedy IN THE HOUSE’.


Wearing a rucksack in any walk of life gives the impression of deep unremitting failure.


belt doesn’t match shoes

  • fox pass
  • who would even notice

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But my rucksack is more sensible sometimes! Give a fuck.


Turning the sleeves of your t-shirt up for no real reason.

  • Not for me
  • I’ll still be working in a bar when i’m 35.

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Part of the standard AT uniform, as any DiSers who have met me can attest to


New Balance trainers.

  • I am indeed a crusty.
  • Not for me.

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I wish I could say that’s what it is. In reality, I have very few clothes that fit now.

And it says something when my slippers are my favourite item of footwear


going outside in your pyjamas

  • fine
  • honestly, get a grip of your life

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  • :rofl: :rofl: :joy:
  • never understood what the problem was tbf

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