Fashion Rules You Have Willfully Broken

Wore blue and green once, and I could be seen.

Odd socks

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Blue and Green should never be seen EXCEPT upon a Faerie Queen.

Low cut top + mini skirt

Frequently go full Canadian Tuxedo.


Thought it was red & green? Have managed both combos like a proper maverick regardless

Oh wow, never heard that term before, big fan

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Oh no, you’ve been getting it wrong all of this time :grimacing:

What are the rules of fashion?

Lived like this for years, love it


My walking shoes are fucking hideous

Black shoes with a blue suit. Like fuck am I wearing brown shoes…

The first rule of fashion is

Jeans and shoes oh yeh (usually black jeans and brown shoes is that better or worse?)

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What’s wrong with brown shoes? Surprisingly strong opinion there.

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Double denim

I reckon that jeans and shoes with a tight white t-shirt which is tucked into the jeans with a brown belt while wearing aviators and having your hair slicked back is a strong look.

I assume this is what you meant.


I like to call that a Canadian Tuxedo


Consider yourself hired as my personal stylist

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