Fashion Rules You Have Willfully Broken


once wore a denim jacket

Sometimes I wear two fedoras

sometimes have toothpaste on my jumper and face


Alright, Taylor Swift

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  1. T-shirt is not tight enough.
  2. Hair is not slicked back.
  3. T-shirt is not tucked in and brought up to nipple height.

Whenever this happens to me I always worry that it looks a bit like cum and hope that other people who have seen it before I did realise that it’s toothpaste and not cum.

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Both on your head?

We were talking about that this morning shrewbs. The boy has got some see through toothpaste that turns blue as you brush. They have managed to find a substance even more indelible than normal toothpaste and he goes off to school covered in blue.

They said it couldn’t be done… they were wrong.

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I just had to look up what indelible meant. Read it as inedible first time around (and wasn’t surprised because it was a post from yourself)

I often wear white before labour day

Alright Coco Chanel

Wait. White BEFORE is the rule isn’t it? Conformist.

Try look nice, be snarky about anyone you dont think looks nice