Fashion trends

Still absolutely adore these looks and think they’re the height of glamour. Probs cause this was at the time that I stopped reading teen magazines and moved on to adult women’s magazines (both total trash but that’s not the thread for that) so I love them.
Loved the 2010s. Listening to Kelly Clarkson and Simple Plan on the bus into school with my chunky highlighted hair.

need this to come back asap

Yeah I remember articles at the time talking about how jeans were dead and everyone just wears combats

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You get the satin trousers in first, set an example as the Brett Anderson of South Wales, and everyone else will follow you

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Fucking hell.

Hate to admit it but I find that look very attractive. Especially if you throw an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt into the mix.

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Just hang on about another 7 years and you can enjoy the fashion revival

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Oh sorry, tbf I left school in 2010 so early 00s. My mistake


Still. I’m old.

For a while in the 90s Sweater Shop jumpers were everywhere. The gaudier the better.

  • I had one/more
  • I did not
  • Don’t know what you mean

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:smiley: one step ahead of you. I’ve kept all of those clothes, and in a few years I will raid those bin bags and make a bloody fortune on depop

Used to wear those mega wide skater style jeans. Looked ridiculous but you could put bottles of vodka in your sock and noone/bouncers etc would know.


yeah for some reason it was cool to dress up like an extra from byker grove, bemusing stuff

no it’s great that, imo

well, depending on how far it’s taken

some nice fitting trousers with a little turn up is a good look

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Also trailed on the floor so had to wear mega high heavy trainers, like buffalo but even bigger if I recall.

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Right at you already with the late 90s stuff which has now come back with a vengeance.

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the middle one is pretty solid, no? they all look good in that denim

Omg thats reminded me of wearing rara skirts to nappy nights, and we’d cellotape small bottles of vodka to our thighs :smiley:

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They still had a shop going in Meadowfield shopping centre in Yorkshire for years after they closed down everywhere else.

oh man, paired with decent boots, that’s a great combo

timeless, even

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