Fast & Furious 8

in cinemas april 12


RIP Paul Walker

My brother’s girlfriend really likes the fast and furious films and they are going to see it tomorrow. He’s not particularly looking forward to it

These films are all flawed and problematic, but I love them as though they are my own children. Would be happy if they made another 20 of them.


I think I have seen most of them but not all and definitely not in the right order. Is there somewhere with a relatively simple description of the overarching plot? Also, aren’t some of the films out of order in terms of time line anyway? Pretty out there stuff.

The ending of 7 was incredible, and the perfect resolution of the series. I won’t be watching 8.

I have never seen one of these films.

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ive seen the first one and its pretty amazing. as in, ridiculous. my favourite bit was when ja rule (member ja rule?) is sat in a car before a race or something and hes slouching in his seat like a badman but so much that he can barely see over the dashboard

Midway through these. Second one is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, Tokyo drift was OK. Fourth one somehow manages to become savvy to the inherent ridiculousness but also take itself too seriously.


Just out of interest, how many people have seen, say, anything after the second one?

  • I’ve seen 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8
  • I’ve had sex in the last decade

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The Third one (tokyo drift) is set after Six/during the very end of the Sixth one. You can watch the series and skip 2 and 3, though 4 is probably the worst IMO because it’s really dour and the action scenes aren’t quite as good as the other ones.

Basically - it’s starts off as Point Break but with cars instead of surfing. Paul Walker being the cop who eventually falls in with Vin Diesel’s family of street racers. Stuff happens. From the Fifth one onwards, it’s basically Ocean’s Eleven with ridiculous and amazing action set pieces, where the street racing “family” have been forced to do stuff for shadowy government agencies, have stolen from villains that control all of Rio de Janeiro, brought down Mexican drug cartels and are currently fighting a British crime syndicate headed by a family including Jason Statham.

They have a lot of enemies and stuff but yeah, it’s Ocean’s Eleven + (Cars x daft) + soap melodrama = Fast and Furious.

Lol I’ve had so many sad snaps today from my friend who works as a projectionist, she was the one who had to test run their copy of this film and I don’t think there’s been many times when she’s hated her job more

These movies are dumb fun in the best possible way, sure the dialogue is usually bad and fundamentally so much about those movies don’t appeal to me in… in theory… in practice


not even joking when i say i think it’s going to be the best action film of the year. don’t think there’s been a bad entry in the series either. really love the fast & furious franchise. plus dwayne the rock johnson :heart_eyes:

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In America it’s called “The Fate/8 of the Furious” which is an infinitely better name imo. Yep.

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[quote=“blueturtle, post:15, topic:13501, full:true”] plus dwayne the rock johnson :heart_eyes:

What about him?


Well yes, quite

Not seen any of 'em

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“Daddy’s gotta go to work”