Fat acceptance #SSP

just saw jooky done a poll in the anonymous polls thread wherein a quarter of us said they think morbidly obese people are inferior beings.

that’s rank.

if you were just joking - don’t do that mates, it’s bad.

seriously, what’s going on there?


Nuts readers with record collections


Sorry guys!

It’s starting to irk me. I’m a big fella, not to the point where I’d have to buy an extra plane seat, but definitely to the point where you’d be a bit miffed at me sitting next to you on public transport.

My weight has been up and down over the years, but generally I’ve been ‘fat’. Currently I’m about 19 stone (6’1" tall though thankfully so it spreads it out)

The amount of abuse I’ve had from total strangers would shock anyone, I think. I couldn’t even list all the times its happened.

There’s a continued nastiness towards fat people on TV, social media etc. Even from people that are normally very ‘right on’ and inclusive. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people taking the piss out of fat ‘alt-right’ /nazi types on twitter. You know, ‘look at this fat nazi scum’ etc. It just seems unnecessary. They’re nazis ffs, is that not enough ammunition to take the piss?


wow, 26% of drowned in sound too!

wanna fight me?


This isn’t just a fat thing tbf. I just think ripping into someone’s personal appearance should be off limits. It can be utterly humiliating.


plenty of bald jokes here too, actually. find that completely miffing.


Yeah, its one of the polls that shocked me the most.


i’d never really given it much consideration until my best mate started seeing a girl who was very big - the amount of fucking toxic shit she had to deal with when we were out and about was gutting to see. it’s the same as anything else - the low level behaviours from otherwise sound people who aren’t thinking let the really vile people have space to be vile.

agree on that stuff about nazis - the co-opting of “sub-human” and “degenerate” to describe them by leftwing people is fucking bizarre to me, if we’re not going to be better than them then what’s the fucking point?


I’d like to think (hope) people just take the piss a bit in them polls

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i would too, then i’d like them not to do that


I think most of the bald jokes come from us bald guys don’t they? If not that’s not cool.

Old DiS was fucking rife with fat shaming. As an overweight fella with a gf who struggles with weight issues I’d hope we’re better than that now.


just remember bird the other week making a bald joke and getting away with it.

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i used to give stick out to my mate who started balding at age 20 or so, the karmic force in the universe has (quite rightly) decided that i deserve to accelerate past him into shiny dome territory, and has also revealed to me that my head is a weird shape - A Lesson Learned.


i think (like near enough everything bad people do) it’s a socialised behaviour from childhood that they haven’t grown out of.

i’d like to think bullies are insecure, and they probably were as teenagers when they learned this stuff, but in my experience that impulse to hit out before you get hit ossifies into just really unpleasant people who are actually pretty confident in themselves, and haven’t thought about their actions very much at all.

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just for balance, as a slim hairy man i look at and then hate myself every day


Funnily enough I saw the old DiSer who fat shamed me the most this morning

That’s anonymous polls though. Think a lot of people are really insincere on here about stuff and are really aware of coming across a certain way and adapting to what the site is like now, but deep down, still the same. No wonton, I’m not actually including you in that before you reply


Where is this poll?

As a short man, i get a little bit irked when people go on and on about it (my mates have pretty much all grown out of that now) but when we were kids there was an unspoken thing that we’ve all got something to have the piss taken about, so it’d even out.

As regards the nazi thing - people on twitter ripping Ben Shapiro etc for being short i am 100% behind. It’s not something you should do to random people on the street, but if someone chooses to pop up in the public forum making vile racism/sexist/homophobic/transphobic comments, you should attack them with anything you know will get under their skin.