Fat acceptance #SSP

Yeah, I get it for sure. Maybe it’s projection but there’s something so saddeningly joyless about that attitude to food that I think trying to approach situations where you feel attacked with empathy for the perceived attacker can help.


@moderators can you plz delete this post (just my reply to jaguar pirate) cos I’m getting paranoid my boss will somehow see this thread and this comment and think I have a problem with my new colleague (which I don’t) thank you x


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a female manager at work had a pop at me for trying to talk sense into a young girl on her team who wanted to show me her body goals and I said “for the love of god, if you show me a picture of someone else on instagram I’m going to flip my lid” and she did show me a picture of someone else on instagram and I subsequently flipped my lid along the lines of you’re perfect the way you are/you should never compare yourself to anyone/you’re your own body/you should be happy and healthy whichever form that takes and apparently I’M the one in the wrong for saying that? No you’re in the wrong for not saying those things and just going hashtag body goals lol

It’s SO ingrained :roll_eyes:


yeah people always used to comment on my lunch at work, I think it’s cos most people tend to just throw something in the microwave so anything other than that is worthy of comment.

I used to get way more irked by long, lingering stares at my plate when I sat down to eat.

People are nosy about food.

This often I think.

I always get comments about my lunchtime salads being so healthy.
I’m male and not fat.

I’m not sure whether it’s

  • being nosey
  • making chit chat to avoid an awkward silence in the kitchen
  • insecurity
  • surprise that I’m not eating something perceived as feminine

I suspect it’s one of the above on rotation depending on the person.