Fat White Family


Ghostpoet not impressed

Relating to this: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-politics-41490174


An all round embarrassing band




Trying to take the piss out of Boris Johnson?


I thought they were okay once, then they were cunts at End Of The road and threw a guitar and security guard which means they had to get rushed off of stage. Then I decided they could go fuck themselves.


I don’t know anything about this band but read the pitchfork story and thought their response was fair, context is important. They are from an ethnic background where this is a term that would be used against them, they used it in a satirical way to criticise jonsons awful comments. Would pitchfork have run a story if a black artist used the n-word in the same context, definitely not, suggests pitchfork were ignorant and didn’t even check who they were talking about before running the sensational story. Of course the slur contains a word used against black people that non black people generally shouldn’t use, but surely in this context where it has morphed and modified into a slur on different ethnic groups, those in those groups can use it critically?

Seems more problematic to me that a super white organisation like pitchfork thinks it is their place to tell ethnic minorities how they should protest


They certainly seem to think so

I think the Pitchfork article did mention the two band members’ Algerian descent at least by the point I read it, though maybe they changed that after subsequently realising.


Shit band for twats.


I only read it once their response had been included, assumed they hadn’t mentioned it before because surely it negates the story, a racial slur isn’t a racial slur if the person is from the same group and using it critically against oppressors like Boris (my understanding is Algeria and Libya are largely Berber but even if they aren’t the exact same group the term will have been used against them).


Yeah I think that’s pretty much what FWF’s defense is, and I guess it is at least partly valid (I honestly don’t know which way to call this from my privileged white bubble, and have never listened to a note of their music)

Edit: what I’m trying to say is I’m not usuing the article against you - I’m not certain enough in either side. Just saw this article and thought it would be relevant to the debate


PF was always a bit tits but has really gone to the dogs since the takeover.