Father, father, father help us, need some guidance from above, cause people got me got me questioning

where are my gloves?

This is a thread in which you can post suggestions of stuff people might like to say this winter


“which pubs are doing mulled cider?”

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It comes earlier every year!

“It’s colder now than it was a few months ago, that’s because it’s winter”

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Christmas comes but once a year

happy Christmas, dis!


are beards bad now? I might grow one to keep my face warm in the upcoming months but don’t want people to think I’m an alt-right sterotype

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124 sleeps til Xmas!

countdown to Christmas hometime

“Before long we’ll all be moaning it’s too hot! :joy:


“What do you fancy for dinner tonight?”

Well bugger me with a flock of tiny camels!


‘Sure, I’d celebrate that’ in response to party invitations

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“What time is your alarm going off tomorrow?”

That’s stranger than OMC’s 1996 smash hit How Bizarre!

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They will not be saying that in winter! Shame on you!

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“For what, we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful amen”

It’s taters

Is that some KoG god scripture?

A lot of that going around.