Father John Misty

Last one was really good, as will this one if he hasn’t disappeared up his own arse completely yet.
This song’s greeeeeaat


yeah it’s easily one of my favourite albums from the last few years


Yeah he’s crazy, but great musician. The new one is 75 minutes long which is a bit of a worry.


Brilliant live too. What a guy


I feel like he more or less perfected the character last time so if he manages to stay on the tightrope I’m sure it’ll have some complete bangers (with some inevitable flab). Seems like they’ve just given him a completely blank cheque for this, no expense spared though. Hopefully the relative commercial success and being on the hundred-strong writing team on the last Beyonce thing hasn’t pushed it too far. Found stealing that magical crystal thing quite funny tbh.
Nico Muhly’s great too, that’s a good sign.

An overly-long and over indulgent album suits the character perfectly but whether that diminishes some of the enjoyment of actually listening to it or not remains to be seen.


This is my main worry about FJM stuff, he’s so invested in the character side of thing that I’m worried it’ll push a lot of what made him so brilliant further beneath the layer of arseholery.

Honeybear is still one of the absolute best records to have come out recently.

Really like the new song, although very ‘bored in the USA’

Neither of these songs massively doing it for me as standalones. Hopefully work better in the context of the album.

I’m not sure about Pure Comedy, after a few listens it seems it’s not got the lavish production, memorable lyrics, self-awareness or genuine heart that Honeybear did. So pretty much nothing I loved about that album.

Every time I hear one of his songs he sounds a little bit more like Elton John to me, which is definitely putting me off.

Don’t really get it with Honeybear. I thought it had three great tracks and the rest was just wallpaper. He is very good live though. Saw him last year in Manchester and was surprised how much energy he uses on stage.

kind’ve agree with this - think the album is better than that, but not a classic or even best in whatever year

live he was far far better than I expected though

weird how he’s already released 3 songs when the album’s not out for 2 months yet

this one sounds alright, might just wait and listen to the whole thing though now

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Blimey - another visit to drears-ville.

Wonder if the rapid releases are an effort to find something that gains traction? Anyway, as someone who found his last album half good they’ve all put me to sleep so far I’m afraid.