Father's day tomorrow

Don’t forget to buy your dad this mug


Ok but you’ll need to track him down for me first. He’s probably in the “Netherlands”


Posted a card on like Tuesday. Bet it arrived and he just opened it straight away.

Not on Dadbook myself but will enjoy spending it with my dad. Bought him a Steely Dan book after being inspired by their HGATR

Fortunately my da thinks Father’s Day isn’t a real thing. Which is probably a pretty Dad thing to think.


Was meant to be going out with my dad on the piss tomorrow but my mums just got out of hospital (she’s fine) so he won’t leave her which is pretty cute

Bought my Dad a book about fog horns. He seemed pleased


Aye, but secretly hoping I get breakfast and some beer out of it.

Bought him some posh chocolates and a few tins of beer.

Probably would’ve gone over for dinner but he’s working tomorrow so nipped over for a cup of tea yesterday.

I’ve made mine a hand made card at school while the children made theirs hehe



I’ve never done father’s day presents for my dad, but he does get a card. Might be joining in that thread tomorrow though he’s been a pretty mixed bag over the course of my life

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Oops I forgot about it and my dad wants ciders I can only get from a specific supermarket and I don’t drive.

Gonna get it on Tuesday when I next see him and my mum is giving me a lift.

Genuinely really hard to keep track of stuff like Mother’s/Father’s Day during the pandemic isn’t it

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  • No Pervo you’re just a terrible ungrateful child

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Just in general really, pandemic or not.

I always have a rough idea of father’s day because it’s usually just after my birthday. Mothers day is a total mystery though.

My Dad got his present early.

I also got my present (from the dog) early. It’s a DIY dishoom bacon naan kit. Can’t wait to make it tomorrow!


Mother’s Day changes more. That’s why as it’s the second (?) Sunday in Lent.

There was really cool Skateboarder in the park the over day wearing that tshirt wonder if it was your dad

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My Dad has a good collection of skate trainers I dunno why he’s just always liked wearing Globes and things. But he’s not an actual skater, sadly.

Happy father’s day to me. In an unusually anti-consumerist turn all my (step)-dad wanted was a card written by each of the kids. Actual dad is long gone. Remembering him instead.


He’s dead.