Fatima no longer funny

When I was in Year 5 or Year 6 a girl called Fatima joined our class and I found the name funny. Now I don’t really find it funny at all. Guess I’ve matured a bit since then.

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Your wit bred

(doesn’t work at all)


It’s a very common name really


Yeah but not in the shit mining town I grew up in.

ah, takes me back to the shit-mines.


This is real progress Jordan. Very proud of you.

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What happened to the Fatima Mansions? And Cathal Coughlan generally. Does he still … do … stuff?

This is now the Microdisney thread.

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used to love 1000%. Had it on a mix tape along with 100% by Sonic Youth. What a clever boy I was.


Let me in let me in let me in let me in 1000%!

Great band. Great live. Would see again.

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your ma so fat they call her fatima

Would’ve found that hilarious when I was 11-12. Now it barely raises a smile.

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I went to school with a girl called Fatima. Her parents said they would give her £100 if she fasted during Ramadan, so she told them she was doing it but in reality spent all day at school eating sweets. She used to sit between me and my friend Mike in German class and she would grope us both under the table. Fatima.

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Takes me back to the shit-mine city where the grass is green and the mines are shitty

The tone of that post is pure misty-eyed reminiscence. She must have touched you deeply.