Faulty items that you continue to use despite the fact they're obviously broken

My iPhone headphone socket is currently broken and every time I plug in my headphones they pop right back out. After about 10 attempts they finally stay in. It’s incredibly laborious and I hate it, but I haven’t done anything about it and I inexplicably do not intend to until its fully unusable.

I bought a Fibit recently too and that didn’t work properly for a while and I just didn’t do anything about it for 3 weeks until I chatted to Michael in the Fitbit customer service live-chat and he sorted it out for me straight way. Proper ledge.

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My brain


My brain


my brain


The old boards

Might finally replace my Russian Big Muff reissue with a pedal that has such revolutionary modern features as “mains power input” because the fucking battery wires snapped again and I’m sick of soldering it back together.




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My work laptop.

Every time I turn it on there’s a chance it rolls a 1 and the WiFi fails or my profile breaks or something.

My office chair. I’ve been carting it around with me for ten years now. The fabric on the front of the seat has worn off completely and now the foam underneath is starting to degrade and fall off in chunks.

It’s a crucial part of my work image though. Rank decrepitude is my thing.

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Le brainoi.


My commuting bike

Cracked phone screen.

The iphone lead I have at work. My phone is currently balanced upside down, leaning against the plug, and I’m praying it doesn’t move and stop charging.

I splashed out at home and bought one of those braided leads rather than buying three cheap leads for a fiver on eBay, as I have done for the past few years, and it seems to be worth the money (so far)

my iphones started doing that as well, only it doesn’t stay in any more, have to push my headphones in and hold them there. should prob stop dropping my phone as ive only had this problem since having the screen repaired lol

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The play button on my iPod classic has been broken for about 4 years now, and has recently been joined by the next track button. The battery seems like it might be reaching the end of the line too so I have a feeling I’m going to be transferring all my music to my phone at long last soon…

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Kitchen bin lid latch stopped working so been holding it closed by resting a NutriBullet on top (closest object I could find with the right weight for the job). Been like this for about 3 weeks now

Well you’re one small step away from putting the Nutribullet where it belongs, at least.


my clothes drying rack has lost its feet so I have to lean it against a wall and it still falls over 2 or 3 times a week