Faulty items that you continue to use despite the fact they're obviously broken


Alright, Neil Armstrong.


Famed hater of smoothies, which was the joke.








And scene.


Mines down one so I can get away with balancing out the clothes and leaning it against my dehumidifier.


@bergkamp @andyvine if it feels like it’s not ‘clicking in’ get a paperclip and see if you can pull any lint out of your jack - always happens with my charging port and stops my charging cable from staying in. be a bit careful, dunno how much damage you can do to the headphone jack but the charging port you have to avoid scratching the inside.


aye i tried that :frowning:


Almost everything in our house is a bit fucked - the little filter thing is gone from the kettle, only our top oven works, charger cables are knackered, laptop only works when it’s plugged in, I broke the bin after my mum broke the previous iteration of the bin in exactly the same way (I then made it worse by drunkenly closing it very hard and now it’s pretty dangerous). Too many things are fucked for me to really think about sorting any of them out.


I still use one of those water filter jugs even though the plastic handle has snapped off


My ancient MacBook has one use now - ripping CDs/ downloading free mp3s and putting them onto my phone. Booting it up is a very labourious process but I can’t be arsed to replace it

I put up with my car wetting itself for months until I finally sorted it out today


The flex on the cable for the iPod I use in the car has split and the wires are exposed at the end where it connects to the iPod.

Been that way for about 2 and a half years now. Still works.

Put up with an Xbox controller that used to turn off if I made any sudden movements for about 6 months until it drove me to near madness before I replaced it a few weeks ago.




This worked, thank you!

Yes, I have only just tried it. No, YOU fuck off!


What a rollercoaster of a post.


hth, ysc