Fave rice cake topping

it’s yoghurt. but if you’re not saying yoghurt then what are you going to say?

trick question: rice cakes are pants

have you tried the yoghurt ones?
subthread yoghurts are a liquid so what the heck are they putting on rice cakes and calling yoghurt?

jiz. last one to finish has to eat it.

Dark chocolate. Everything else can go in the bin, frankly

are rice cakes those ryvita type things that come in circles?

Yeah. Find them in the same part of the supermarket but they’re made of puffed rice and sometimes come with a topping.

i have eaten a plain rice cake before, and thought it was horrid. never seen em with toppings though :face_with_monocle:

Yeah they’re pretty boring without a topping. Try the yog.

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for some reason, I’d always assumed that people put savoury stuff on them - especially things like soy sauce, sweet n sour dip, that sort of thing.

this has been a real eye opener.

are they then like rice equivalent of weetabix?


Cheese flavour snack a jacks are horrid.

I find the chocolate ones a bit annoying to eat - you can’t hold them without getting melted chocolate on your fingers.

I’ve only ever had plain ones

didn’t realise you could get them with stuff on, I assumed you were adding your own

Oh yah there’s all sorts you can put on them. Try the yog.

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I like the Kallo savoury yeast extract ones, which are quite hard to get hold of now. I don’t like the marmite ones strangely enough, even though I love marmite.

yeah I would like to know this

not a fan of watery yoghurt. not at all.

Pesto, Mozza, cherry tomatoes
Salmon and cream cheese
Cottage cheese, smoked salmon, avo
Dark choc
Peanut butter + bannas with dark choc
cheese+ hot sauce

love a rice cake

had a really boss ricotta, honey and almond one at some fancy health place, which was tastyyyy

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