Favorite EPs of 2017

Since the big poll was focused on full lengths, I figured I’d start a thread about great EPs of 2017. What were everybody’s favorites? If you feel like it, maybe include a short description and what fanbases might also like it.

Link goes to a song on each. In no particular order, except for the first possibly being second-for-second the best thing released all year:

The Hand - Volume 3 - I have no idea how I came across this band a couple years ago, but their third EP is their best yet. It’s tense, furious, and relentless. Raw vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, played as if their lives depended on it, but with really tight song structure. Recorded four days before Trump’s inauguration and basically a middle finger to him. FWIW, this is Zak Sally from Low 's band.
For fans of: Fake Train era Unwound

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press - This one’s gotten a lot of attention on here, and rightly so. Unlike a lot of other jangly guitar rock, it’s not boring and airy. There’s a punch / energy and a tightness to the songs, with some great melodies.
For fans of: Illegals in Heaven era Blank Realm

Two Moons - More Rain - This was a nice surprise I found from Strange Ranger plugging them on facebook. Very nice, melodic Yuck-style songs (but a bit less controlled), including an instrumental that wouldn’t be out of place on The Soft Bulletin.
For fans of: Yuck’s debut

NIN - Add Violence - I’m not a NIN completist so I can’t offer anything nuanced, but I came back to them with this and loved it. Track 3 reminds me of a weird hybrid of “Nude” by Radiohead and “Eriatarka” by Mars Volta, and the last song (linked above) has such a great unsettling off-time static-y outro.
For fans of: NIN, I guess

The Hand - Volume 4 - This one came out just before New Years and they’re still pissed about Trump. After two listens it’s already a worthy addition to the first three EPs. A bit slower, sludgier than Volume 3.
For fans of: Fake Train era Unwound

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Are two moons on Spotify? Struggling to find them

I don’t think they are, I’ve just been listening on their Bandcamp.

Cheers, managed a couple of listens earlier. Opening track didn’t grab me but really enjoyed it as it progressed

Yeah, that’s how I felt too. The pop-punk of the first song is kind of a misrepresentation, luckily afterwards it settles down a bit and some really nice melodies come out.

I just listened them on bandcamp

I just listened them on bandcamp