Favorite Fight Scenes




The oldboy one and that one with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris where they intensely stare at each other and the camera focuses on them and a random cat in turn





Came in to post They Live, but a different scene…

Can’t find a clip, but Atomic Blonde had a great fight scene in it too…





Always quite liked this one:


Love how that tries to make aikido look useful (like how the last guy randomly grabs Seagal’s jacket just so he can use a wristlock on him). Also massive problematic racism and wanton property damage

Wow, even in his prime, Seagal was a joke



its so awful isn’t it.

burst out laughing every time I watch the bit where he’s like ‘I don’t care about her’.






The Bourne one is excellent, great use of sound to tell you what’s going on - like the sound of a knife being pulled out of a block, then the sound of it being dropped, then you hear it scraping the floor as the guy grabs for it at the end. None of it shown, all in the SFX. Massive information overload, overwhelming, just like a real life-or-death fight with an enemy agent*

*I would expect