Favourate Quiz

Only Connect? cmon its gotta be.

Although tipping point has that other thing going for it.

How do you set up one of these poll things?

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I’ll tell you my least favourite quiz…

A Quiz of Sorts




I used to get so excited by that, then I’d watch myself drop further and further and further down the field as the results were revealed. It was dispiriting

Beat The Teacher

Of course it is Only Connect (good quizzing)


Oh come on :roll_eyes:

can i be specific and say the earlier rounds of only connect. because when it gets to the later rounds i might as well be watching a russian chatshow with aliens from three different galaxies the amount i understand.

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I can only do rounds 2 and 4. Once got the ordering one in the first clue for 5 whole points! It was Harry Hill and I correctly deduced it was you’ve been framed presenters in reverse order. Highbrow.

The Chase at the moment, although I feel SOME PEOPLE on these boards overrate how good Bradley Walsh is.


Also love AQOS, obvs


I had to take a break from Only Connect as it was getting really annoying - the specials over Christmas were the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. just seemed to be full of really really obtuse, self referential questions that just wind me up.

gave it another chance the other day, going OK. for now.

yeah it’s Pointless

Only Connect is too needlessly complicated. The Chase is too straightforward and quickfire. Pointless is where they meet in the creamy centre.

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V Coren-Mitchell treads a very fine line between sending up the whole quiz genre… and being really really irritating.
Tend to watch OC and University Challenge as a double bill every week. Love UC

Love Only Connect but the later rounds are insanely difficult.

Fave daytime quiz would be Tenable but Warwick Davis is extremely annoying

Hi Creaky, it’s really nice to see you.

I find Only Connect unbearably smug I’m afraid. The quiz of the humble working folk is ITV’s The Chase of course.

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We’ve taken to recording it and fast forwarding the preliminary “gags” and bants, sets my teeth on edge. Got a lot of time for Vic, 2 time EPT poker champ, smart and funny lady, etc etc, but Jesus F Christ the chat is chronic. And if they have to sing… :skull: :skull: :skull:

University Challenge is great too, nothing better than watching them flail about hopelessly in a popular culture round while you smugly say “John Power.” Fully makes up for the other 28 minutes of duncery.

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Hate Only Connect, love the wall round though.

The Chase is the best value in terms of time/questions ratio.

Pointless is the most fun and most satisfying when you do well.

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I do like a good episode of Millionaire, when someone sgets really far

Only Connect is the best.

Don’t watch any other quiz really, pointless is ok.