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The other day, @Gnometorious and I were happily getting frustratingly bored by whatever dullbsunday sounds were being provided by 6music, when she cunning asked our Mountain View spy to stop being so boring. Said spy responded by offering us a quiz. There were 5 questions and we both did really well before continuing to clean the kitchen. That gnome was given the contestant name Boss, while i was referred to as Poppet, thus furthering certain aspects of our apparent relationship with the spy.

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Big fan of Brandon this year

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I thought the chat was deliberately meant to be unfunny and bad, although the pursuit of Michael Portillo is becoming a drag, I suspect that there is a bet for her to win with this (like previously when she kept alluding to being an alcoholic)

All about UC for me, just loads of trivia questions, wide range of topics, very few gimmicks.

I like catchphrase

Old school Fifteen to One of course


University Challenge is satisfying to get answers right on

which is why I’m so delighted that Aphex Twin and Kentucky Route Zero have been answers on there

it’s like are they TRYING to get me to do a PhD

Jon Snow’s got a new Channel 4 quiz show called Very Hard Questions

The questions are very hard

The real quiz is the friends we made along the way

hi 29

hey cutey x


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Correction, the questions were NOT very hard. Beat both teams.

I used to exist on UC, but of late I have noticed that a lot of the questions are compound questions and I cannot do the complete question fast enough to beat the youngsters sometimes, which is frustrating, realising that you are now just too slow.

OC on the other hand, I think that we did quite well in the first semi final where we beat the teams to at least 3 of the first two round questions and equalled them on 3 others…and the first of the walls we did well on, the other was a right pig, but amazingly we didn’t do as bad as that team.

Normally beyond the first round on OC we just watch with admiration and awe…….this season there was this ridiculous (looked like a) kid who was bonkers good at the missing vowels, I mean it was like superhuman.

One of the series I remember that the contestant knew the names given by abattoir workers, to the 4 stomach chambers of a cow…….fucking ridiculous, but also awesome.

Just cant manage to see the words hidden inside words clues in the boards though

And I HATE them saying “HORN NED Viper” arghh really gets my goat.

Hi Slicky, pointless would be ok except that alexander As chat sometimes seems more inane than alan partridge

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I find Bradley Walsh far more inane

“You’ve gone C. Gotta be hasn’t it? Gotta be! Oh it’s A, bad luck.”

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all quizzes make me sick

For Bradley, that is witty banter.

:mega: Only Connect is back on tonight at 8pm on BBC Two.


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God bless you TheWZA

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