Favourite Air Instrument?

  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Sax
  • Trumpet
  • DJ Turntables
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Violin (or equivalent)
  • Double Bass
  • Theremin
  • Microphone/Vocals
  • Other

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used to be an air drummer until recently, until I made the switch to sax

Been using my 6 month old as a puppet for air guitar and drums a lot recently. He/we fucking nailed the three-way guitar solo in The Beatles’ The End the other day. Been thinking about breaking our “no photos/videos of his face on facebook” rule for that one.

Hanging Sax.

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Trombone, obviously.

Probably falls under trumpet.

This thread has already descended into farce.


If you’re after an irking you’re going the right way about it!!!
Nothing like a gracious trombone dance to celebrate victory with dignity. An air trumpet’s just some fiddly finger thing.

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its the only acceptable form, really. I’ll throw in some cheesy smile and points offstage or to imaginary band members.

You’ve got to give the imaginary crowd what they want!

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Love pretending I’m hitting an air cymbal and I don’t know why.

Also good - air gongs.

top air drumming potential.

I used to air-drum so compulsively that I had doubts about learning to drive, lest the old instincts kick in while behind the wheel. Took anything by the Smashing Pumpkins and Led Zep off the car iPod to be on the safe side…

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definitely drums even though i’m a guitarist/bassist

new fave - upright bass.

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Drums. But the kit had to be a miniature one.

depends on the song

acdc = guitar