Favourite album by an artist

Does this change much for other people?

Hunky Dory was always my favourite Bowie album, but I think Station to Station might have replaced it. Absolutely wonderful stuff. Been listening to it all week. He’s got a really great band behind him.

I’m talking albums that have been out for ages, not someone bring out their ‘best thing yet’. Obviously.



Bringing it all Back Home was my favourite Dylan album for a long time but I find Highway 61 a lot more satisfying these days. BIABH is a great all-rounder but there’s more to really sink your teeth into on Highway

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also Station to Station is great so you are correct to think that (think I’d still put it just behind Low though)


Same here. Don’t think he ever sang better than he did on ‘Station To Station’ though. Love his vocals throughout it and think ‘Word On A Wing’ might be his best ever performance.

Dirty was my favourite Sonic Youth album for a very long time, with Daydream Nation a close second. Feel like they’ve swapped places in the past few years.

For years Scott 4 was my favourite Scott Walker album but now i much prefer Scott 3.

3 of the first 4 songs on Scott 3 are possibly the best 3 he ever did (Its Raining Today, Rosemary, Big Louise) and lyrically its miles better than Scott 4 imo.

This usually happens for me when I overplay an album by an artist until it’s devoid of all feeling and emotion to me


Yep, I think this is the case for both of my favourite acts… I veer between XO and Either/Or for Elliott Smith. And with Low, it’s difficult to pick between Trust, TWLITF and even Drums and Guns, even before taking their most recent album into consideration.

Basically I think it’s inevitable when you’re talking about artists who have been consistently brilliant over a career.

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After many years pondering the work of Neil Young On The Beach finally overtook After The Goldrush.
I’d also agree with Station To Station, which has just about displaced Low for me.

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I don’t think I ever change my mind on a bands/artists favourite album.

Pretty much every time I listen to a sufjan album

I went from Blonde on Blonde to Highway myself


My favourite Springsteen album constantly flips between Nebraska and The River

Mine went from freewheelin to Highway and then onto Blood on The Tracks and that’s been my favourite for probably about 10 years perhaps.
Highway is still absolutely fucking dynamite right enough. :+1:


Love Station To Station. Even manages the rare Bowie feat of having a cover version that doesn’t clog up the record.

Mind blowing that he was on that much cocaine that he couldn’t remember making it. Basically making a record on instinct. Amazing

Will also go into bat for Lodger as almost being as good. But that’s cos I’m an oddball.


Galaxie 500 - Today

On Fire is also brilliant but Today just pips it.

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I’m the same with Elliot Smith

I have this all the time. I prefer the idea of multiple possible favourites than forcing myself to pick one (Schrödinger’s favourite). Whenever I make myself do a list I’m immediately frustrated and disappointed that it’s not quite right. Feels a bit like buyer’s remorse.

With Bowie I went Hunky Dory, Low, back to Hunky Dory, then a weird Young Americans phase, and leaning towards Station to Station now.

Neil Young was Harvest, Goldrush, On the Beach, Everybody Knows, then back to Goldrush

Dylan was Times They Are…then Bringing It, Desire(?), Highway 61, Blood on the Tracks then eventually back to Highway 61

Low are impossible, changes all the time. Same with Nick Cave and REM

In fact thinking about this making me stressed (a little bit). Don’t know why I am so indecisive

My fallback and go-to is Seven, but then i put on Laid and its Laid for a while.
Then i put on Hey Ma, and its that for a while.
Occasionally its Whiplash as well.
Right now? Probably Gold Mother!

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I really really like Keane and my personal favourite albums from them is “Hopes And Fears” I’ve always loved how they put more emphasis on keyboards in their music and have a modern indie/pop sound that’s just very unique to them!

Here’s one of the best songs from the album. :grin: