🔝 Favourite albums of 2018 so far?


I really want to get stuck into those NTS Sessions, but I can’t justify getting all four right now. Is there any one session that stands out above the others?


@weeber That’s a tough call! I’ve just been playing them constantly on loop and finding them utterly fascinating. Some stuff is a little more, eh, obtuse than others. There are definitely stand out tracks on each one, like track 3 “tt1pd” on NTS Session 3 is probably my favourite of the whole series so far, 22 minutes (!) of awesomeness :smiley:


The Resident Advisor review recommended starting with NTS 4. Haven’t heard the others but I find that hard to argue with, really enjoying it.


NTS 4 is definitely the easiest - it’s basically an enormous ambient session, and quite different to the first three sessions, so @weeber if you’re a fan of ambient things, then @prelapsus is probably right :slight_smile:

“eastre” from Elseq 3 has some similarities to what’s going on in NTS Session 4.


Wow, thanks (and to @prelapsus too). I’m definitely in the mood for some ambient sounds right now. I guess that I’ll start with 4 and work my way back.

Cheers both!


Can’t believe I forgot the Haley Heynderickx album. Would probably come just after YLT.


Been listening to this all week, some awesome stuff on there. Cheers.


Np! Glad to spread the good word :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s nice, although a little slower than some of the other parts of Offerings. Typhoon in general are a band more people should know, talk about, etc. Not just their new record but their other releases as well.

And actually I’m about to put up my mid-season list and Offerings certainly is in there, along with a band Typhoon fans often love, in The Family Crest and their record The War: Act I.

It’s a pretty damn near perfect record. Lush symphonic sections, soaring vocals, and catchy yet dreamy at times melodies come throughout.


Lovely music. Not immediately sure about the singer, but he may grow on me. I was just about to add them to my spreadsheet of bands to investigate, and can see that I had added them in 2014 with a description of ‘Sounds nice and upbeat. Like the Leisure Society if I actually liked them’. Will have a full listen of the album now and possibly purchase afterwards.

My favourite new album at the moment is by a band/chap called Setec, with Cotton Bones as my favourite song, although there are a few close second place songs:

Utterly lovely sounds.


Good call @Severed799 and @paulo13, this is massive! Cheers for the heads up


Right? So good!


Indeed. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here…


I skipped through this a few weeks back looking for the “early-Arcade Fire” bits and struggled to find them. Had another go and found one halfway through the fifth track, and maybe some of the sixth track.


sorry. that sounds petulant. it’s just, I’m very keen to hear something that does sound like early Arcade Fire.


a wee bit aye but you apologised I guess :wink:

I just meant because there is also about 8 people in this band and they use strings and grand arrangements and things (and sing about death alot, like Funeral)

but also wtf are you doing skipping tracks, just listen to it :smiley:


I would now add Jon Hopkins and Gaz Coombs to my favourite albums of this year so far.


On the very, very off chance you’re like me and inexplicably missed it for a decade until finding out about it here, The Twilight Sad’s Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters is kind of like a sadder Funeral that hasn’t been tainted by the band’s future output / questionable wearing of hats.


Adding Tropical Fuck Storm -

Unknown Mortal Orchestra -


I dunno, the majority or their output since has been pretty shoddy. Not Arcade Fire bad tho right enough…