Favourite ambient/downtempo news and reviews publications


Hiya everyone!

I’ve been inspired to get more into ambient + downtempo lately, and since my sources of publications on that seem to be getting smaller and smaller, I wanted to ask - maybe there are some aficionados here willing to share their favourite sources of that kind of music? Everything from classic albums and history to new releases and news?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


So much love for headphone commute. And yes, great end of year list format.

Nothing has quite replaced the milkfactory for me though :frowning:


These three came to mind quite quickly, hope at least one is worth your time!

http://antigravitybunny.com/ (sometimes veers into more metal/darker/weirder stuff, but the podcasts always have pretty great ambient/drone stuff going on)


Chillville is a show that’s been happening every Sunday on FM Radio in Austin, TX the last 10 years. There are more beats than ambients, but gems can be found if you don’t mind some radio friendly fluff (Phantogram, Radiohead, Sia) thrown in. Follow the links for past shows, tracklists and more :slight_smile:


I’d second all of these, and headphone commune, I’m especially fond of acloserlsiten .

And I’ll add in


always worth checking out the likes of boomkat and experimedia. I’ll tend to go straight to the labels website too, such as denovali, erased tapes, sonic pieces, serein, futuresequence.


THANK YOU all so much for the recommendations! :slight_smile: I’m gonna look into each one of them carefully, I’m particularly excited about those end of year lists. Great to have people who know their music here!!! <3


Another vote for Headphone Commute. Also this is great:

And this is a decent regular podcast:


keep your eye out for the monthly (i think?) ambient column on this site as well: