Favourite apps


Love getting a good app recommendation, my friend told me to use citymapper and it’s the best so much better than Google maps

I probably spent most on (not counting pokemon go) the app VSCO that edits photos. You do lose some quality but not as bad as some other apps. Quite enjoy the Adobe apps for photo editing too.

Google keep is my #1 app, so useful and every update makes it better and better. Use it for my novel in progress and the categorisation is amazing and honestly it is the best

Google play books is also really good, I buy books from there a lot and upload my own epub files. It’s off white, like the page of a book and idk just really calming to read. Pages flip like and book too


I downloaded that Mario game, it’s pretty bobbins.


Podcast Addict is good for Podcasts
I’m enjoying New Star Cricket a lot


I’m a big fan of Colour Story for editing photos. You can adjust stuff like colour balance, and it has filters that are much more subtle than Instagram. It’s made by this really crap crafts website, but the app is actually good (they prob just bought it in off someone else and added their name).








In the last couple of days my favourite waste of time is the Tipping Point app. Love those coin machines!