Favourite autobiography titles


I was in Age Concern at lunch scanning the bookshelves and saw Nick Skelton’s autobiography, entitled Only Falls and Horses. I allowed myself a wry smile as I considered what came first, the idea of Nick Skelton writing an autobiography or the title. Anyway, what are your favourite titles of autobiographies? As an aside, I cannot remember the last autobiography I read. I do not think this is likely to change.


Out of Sync - Lance Bass
Me Moir - Vic Reeves


Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ - Rik Mayall

Struggle to beat that, tbh.

Similar but doesn’t meet the criteria: the guy from Belle and Sebastian’s solo album:
(I Can’t Get No) - Stevie Jackson


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_a_Nice_Day:_A_Tale_of_Blood_and_Sweatsocks this one! Has a great back cover too





What a bellendy wendy


This has done me. What is he wearing?


White suit and wellies. Very ‘now’



The Dalai Lama - My Booky Wook


@1101010 - the existential crisis years