Favourite B Movies Thread

I hate a lot of them. But the good ones are brilliant

sad to learn nobody else on here appreciates the big squidmonster movie :frowning:

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I love the Thing and Halloween is good (only seen it once and it left me cold, found it wildly overrated) but his other stuff…nah

Greta and Piercing are good modern onesl

Saw it at the Triangle Cinema near Aston University in the very early 90’s when it was not really available anywhere. Looked great on a big screen, audience loved it. Arrow released it on VHS shortly afterwards but I’d already sourced a bootleg copy from a Record Fare.

Massively influential on your Texas Chainsaw type flicks. Love the visual bars at the very beginning for the narration.


The Stuff : Larry Cohen film about a tasty, addictive, mutant marshmallow that eats you as you attempt to eat it

Trancers: A cop from the 23rd century comes back to the 80s to hunt his nemesis. Some of the sequels are decent too

Cube: a group of people wake up in a room and have to work out how to get out alive.

Miami Connection: A martial artist decided to make a film despite having no previous experience. He hired his mates and made something technically bad but with enough heart, charm and enthusiasm that you can’t help but enjoy it. Of course it’s god 80s bad dudes doing taekwando too which is always a good thing


Deciding if something’s a b-movie or not is a minefield, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I can get away with saying Tremors is one or not. It definitely is in spirit, and it’s a homage to classic monster movies, so you know what, I’m claiming it. Just a completely lovable film.

Other ones I like:

Miracle Mile - him out of ER picks up a pay phone call intended for someone else and learns that a Russian nuclear strike has been launched on LA. He tries to find his girlfriend and get out before the missiles hit.

Night Of The Comet - Earth passes through the tail of a comet and loads of people get zombified

The Navigator - it’s medieval Cumbria and the Black Death is rampant. A kid in a mining village starts having visions of how to protect the village and so a crew of villagers follows them and dig a huge tunnel, to emerge in 20th century Auckland where they try to cast a decoration for the top of a cathedral spire to avert the plague. Amazing movie, maybe more art house than b-movie since it’s beautifully shot and has a wonderful poetic vision, but it cost no money and no ones ever heard of it, so here we are.

Trancers - brilliant 80s time travel movie

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While I was typing all that out, @hesastopsiiiiign was picking Trancers too! It’s a sign, you all got to watch it now!


Couple of other good horror ones

From Beyond (in the same lineage as Reanimator)


The Void (fairly recent, very Carpentery Lovecraftian stuff, pretty sure this one is on Prime)

I’d love to say the remake of The Blob,but I haven’t seen it for thirty plus years and I don’t know what ever happened to it. Stuck in rights hell somewhere I guess, but hopefully it’s the sort of thing Arrow will resurrect one day

Dust Devil - set in the Namibian desert and inspired by a piece of African folklore about evil shapechangers. Really good movie, but unfortunately the director has since been revealed to be a total dick which may taint your enjoyment


On the horror side

Unmasked Part 25: 80s British film about a guy in a hockey mask called Jackson who has become bored of being a serial killer and is having a bit of an existential crisis.

Murder Party: possibly not a b-movie but Jeremy Saulnier’s low budget debut. A guy gets an invite to a Halloween party only to find out he’s actually going to be hunted by an art collective wanting to make an artwork out of a grisly murder.

Tony: Grimy, grisly film about a miserable loner that lives in a London council flat who brings people home to blatter them with a hammer

Chopping Mall: a mall replaces its security with top of the range 80s robots with lasers and chainsaws. A group of kids get locked in after closing and has to survive the night.

The coffin Joe movies: an impotent Brazilian undertaker guy murders women who can’t give him a baby. Lots of trippy visuals and weirdness

Society and The Void are up there for me too.


At the risk of stating the obvious… Wicker Man?

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Was going to say Star Wars as a sort of joke but people are implying the good John Carpenter films are b movies so fuck y’all, it’s Star Wars :grinning:


This was an attempt to make a feminist slasher or something. Didn’t work, but it’s good fun:


Miracle Mile is so good but you’ve given away the twist there!

Have I? Everything I’ve mentioned happens in the opening fifteen minutes or so of the movie.

I thought we’d done this before…

I stand by my replies. But let’s agree it’s a great movie and more people should watch it.

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Haha I am so predictable

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