Favourite Boozy Beverages

I’ll start. Copy, paste, amend and add categories as appropriot:

Beer: Schneiderweisse Tap 5 Mein Hopfenweisse or Shlenkerla Marzen Smokebeer
Cider: Henry Weston’s Vintage Cider (yep, the 8.2% rocket fuel)
Red Wine: Fuck knows. If it’s red and rich and fruity, it’s my favourite
White Wine: that gorgeous green wine you get in Portugal
Port: Don’t care, GIVE ME ALL THE PORT
Whisky: any independent bottling of the Bunnahabhain heavily peated stuff
Gin: St Ives Liquor Co. Gin
Rum: meh
Liqueur: either Kahlua or creme de menthe, both for putting in hot chocolate

all of them

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even, for example, Bacardi & Lilt?

(I’m getting the boak just thinking about such teenage stupidities)

I decided last night (after having one with the similar Ting) that should be called the Poundshop Margarita.

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I like a hoppy cask ale - Track Sonoma, Squawk Pavo or Marble Lagonda, then for a nightcap a spiced or dark rum - Diplomatico, English Harbour, Brugal, etc, with coke, ice and lime or ginger beer and ice. Occasionally i’ll have a Cusqueña or Estrella Galiçia, preferably after half an hour in the freezer. Quite like amaretto as well, find the supermarket own ones slightly superior to Disaronno. Enjoy the odd glass of Malbec. Beyond that i don’t really drink.

Beer Carlsberg Export, Estrella, Guinness
Cider: Anything really, lovely the fancy one’s like Aspall or the one’s you get on draught called “Orchard _____” etc. Go to’s though are Stowford, Thatcher’s Haze and Rekorderlig
Red Wine: Don’t drink much but maybe an :argentina: Malbec
White Wine: Don’t drink much but maybe a :new_zealand: Sauvignon Blanc
Port: Not convined I’ve ever had Port except in cocktails
Whisky: Jamesons, only cause of me gramps
Gin: Plymouth
Rum: Tried loads of obscure ones with quirky names that I can’t remember, but were all really nice. I guess Kraken out of all the commerical ones
Liquer: Never drink them. Southern Comfort and lemonade on a night out sometimes

Been trying to force myself to like IPA’s and craft beer’s in general but struggling so far. Anyone know any good ones that are relatively easy to get hold of?

Ting is one of my all-time favourite softies, and I’d never dream of sullying it with a poison like Bacardi :wink:

Deffo try fentimans’ smoky ginger ale with rum if you haven’t already :+1:

I won’t suggest B * * * * * g because B * * * * * g, but as far as easy to get hold of introductory IPAs, even in my Scottish island rural supermarket you can get Goose Island IPA, Stone IPA, Vocation Pride & Joy and the like. All are good (come in wee cans but don’t let that put you off), easy to find and a cheapish way of trying out the genre, so to speak…

Edit: stupid DiS formatting won’t let me curse in asterisk form properly :confused:

Wicked cheers man, will go and buy myself a selection of them tomorrow I reckon. Been going to Tiny Rebel now and again and giving some of their beers a go. Think the one’s I liked the most, I couldn’t have more than a few of if you get me; but trying to train myself as I feel like I’m missing out :sweat_smile:

Beer - any sort of fizzy ipa somewhere around 5-7%. Jaipur on keg, maybe
cider - barely knew 'er. Don’t like it generally but sometimes will have one of the really minging sweet ones over ice on a hot day on a hangover
red - dunno much about it but like it. Maybe a beaujoulais
white - not a massive fan, pinot gris is good
rum - dark, not spiced
whiskey - not a big peaty fan, I’ll have a bulleitt or a nikka from the barrel
gin - nordes galician gin atm
liqueur - cafe patron, forever and always


Beer - cask, Darkstar Hophead, bottle, Trappist Rochefort 10 (but different beer, different needs)
Cider - not really something I drink but the Seacider Blood Orange cider I was drinking at a SE London meet was great
Red Wine - NZ pinot noir
White Wine - NZ sav blanc
Rum - dark or spiced
Whisky - got some Tamnavulin on the go atm, so that
Gin - Carorunn
Liqueur - N/A

Beer: Jaipur is a solid go to, a sour to palette cleanse, finish on an imperial stout
cide Not for me, Clive.
Red Wine a Georgian saparavi.
White Wine anything dry
Port: No strong feelings
Whisky 25 year old talisker
Gin: The coop spesh is pretty good or Three rivers.
Rum anything dark
Liqueur: Baileys…
Shout out to polish vodka. That stuff is lovely. Cheery, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, almond… all good


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Beer - Dark, fruity, strong porters. Guinness (never Extra Cold)
Cider - Loads. Currently Sandford Orchards’ St Louis brewery Dry Hopped collaboration.
Red Wine - Pinotage or Malbec
White Wine - White Rioja
Gin - Dartmouth
Rum - Morvenna Cornish Spiced
Whiskey - Teelings Single Malt
Port - Krohn 2012
Liqueur - Kalkar Coffee Rum or Devoncello

No cocktails?

I’m a fucker for an espresso martini, or a nice Old Fashioned.

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Too many to list, just wanted to come here and give a shout for adnams copper house gin. I know it wouldn’t be too everyone’s taste but i fucking love it

If it gets me drunk its okay in my books, unless its Kopperberg which makes me gag.

Beer - Not applicable
Cider - currently its Rekorderlig’s Rhubarb and Mint cider but I also loved the now sadly discontinued Bulmer’s Blood Orange
Red Wine - Malbec or Rioja will do
White Wine - Normally go for a standard NZ sauv blanc (oyster bay)
Gin - not really a gin fan, like a rhubarb flavoured one
Rum - Malibu? :grinning:
Whiskey - Not applicable
Port - Don’t mind it but not enough to have a fave
Liqueur - Can’t beat a baileys or a lemoncello. I like to make my own (spiced arancello, rhubarb gin, strawberry vodka, Turkish delight gin)
Cocktail - passion fruit mojito or espresso martini

I’ve got some really good Devon fruit ciders in at the moment laefers if you fancy a booze parcel.