Favourite Buddy Holly song?


To celebrate what would’ve been his 80th birthday, let’s share some of our favourite Buddy Holly songs…

I’ll start: Oh Boy, Peggy Sue, True Love Ways, Raining In My Heart, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore


probably Rave On
or True Love ways or Raining in My Heart or Not Fade Away. different versions of Slippin and Slidin on the apartment tapes are good http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x20275a_buddy-holly-slippin-and-slidin-version-3-apartment-tapes-with-lyrics_music


Real Wild Child definitely - his vocal on that is amazing.


Everyday, because of the thigh-slapping percussion.




due to my dad being an absolute super fan he was played constantly when we were growing up. loads of great songs, been a while since i gave him a aproper listen, think i’ll remedy that soon.


Rave On, Peggy Sue and Oh Boy for me


Not easy to choose from a whole heap of absolute classics. That’ll Be The Day deserves a mention.


probably true love ways. so grown up for such a young guy


Always loved Blue Days Black Nights and Brown Eyed Handsome Man (did not know it was a cover till just)